Security of Payment Disputes

Security of Payment Lawyers

Is your business suffering from cash flow issues? Are you making use of the Security of Payment Act on your construction projects?

Whilst specifics vary between states, generally, the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act was introduced to provide contractors with a statutory right to a progress payment to help facilitate cash flow.

Our building and construction law experts have many years of experience advising clients how to incorporate the mechanisms of the Security of Payment Act into the processes of their companies to make use of this valuable legislation.

Perry Thomas Lawyers can assist your company with:

  • Reviewing and assessing current contract documentation for compliance with the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2002

  • Conducting training seminars for key staff to understand the legislation

  • Preparing template documentation for future use

  • Drafting and reviewing Payment Claims

  • Drafting and reviewing Payment Schedules

  • Providing advice in relation to excluded amounts and variations under the legislation

  • Drafting and reviewing Adjudication Applications and Responses

  • Summary Judgment Applications

  • Enforcement of Adjudication Determinations and Court Judgments

Recent matters we have been involved in:

Reviewing, assessing and amending template payment claim documentation to ensure compliance with the Security of Payment Act.